The Pandemic Gave Us a Chance to Change How We Transit Forever!

Updated: May 9, 2021

Many people tend to look over the E-scooter transportation, but in reality it gives you great enjoyment before you go to work and or if you're feeling like you've been locked inside all day.

Boring cars

The pandemic has altered how we work, how we communicate with friends and colleagues, how we shop. Amidst so much change, why should we be stuck on the same road when it comes to how we get around?

Enjoying E-scooters

Did you know that electric scooters reduce the carbon output in your own city? This results in cleaner air thought the city allowing you to get a breath of fresh air. We highly suggest that if you're looking for enjoyment or transportation that you take a local shared E-scooter to your destination.

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Citation: Vanderbilt, Tom. “The Pandemic Gives Us a Chance to Change How We Get Around.” Wired, Conde Nast,

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