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Diversify your transportation and take part in the electric vehicle movement.  Ride a Peel scooter today!

Who WE Are


Peel scooters strives to prioritize the valued people of our community.  A community that provides sufficient transportation and activities remains important upon fostering a healthy society.  As a result, Peel was founded to provide people a more affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation alternative.  In addition, Peel provides riders an ability to engage in activities and explore places that may otherwise not be accessible.   

Two small-town entrepreneurs created the company with a vision to provide more transportation opportunities for local community members in an affordable and eco-friendly manner.  Additionally, the company strives to provide accessible transportation to unite community members in an environmentally conscious way. 

Our diversified services provide transportation, recreation, and modern lifestyle with hopes to revitalize the functionality of the community.  Peel strives to decrease carbon emission and promote community engagement.  

Customers can trust Peel to provide the proper care and support.  As a local company, Peel provides personal support that may otherwise not be found in larger transportation companies.  As a result, Peel always puts the customers first and even offers daily customer support.  We hope you decide to enjoy a ride and join us in our effort to promote the future of eco-friendly transportation!

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